Gaping Angels Video Sandra De Marco

Last updated: May 30th, 2017

We are back with another gaping angels video for all of you lucky folks. This hot blonde went to a job interview the other day, but things went so wrong. She applied for this secretary job at a well known company, but the ad wasn’t to clear about her duties. So once she got at the interview, they guy that interviewed her started touching her, first her legs and then he went to her big tits as well. Sandra didn’t knew how to react, this was her first interview and already everything was going wrong.

After she thought it better she was sure that she had to do anything to get the job and that’s what she did. She started making out with him and undressing him. This was so hard for her, she doesn’t really likes older guys. But when she saw his cock she changed her mind immediately. So before you know it she was completely naked and bent over the couch with his big cock shoved in her holes. So after receiving a rough pussy pounding she got in her butthole as well. Check out this hot gapingangels video and we’ll  see you next time with another hot video! Enjoy it and if you liked it and you are looking for similar videos, check out website. Enjoy!


Dominno & Alysa ‘s Gaping Angels Video

Today is your lucky day because we have one of gaping angels videos. As you are used too is a hot gal on gal with bigwetasses video. Alysa made Domino a surprise visit to her apartment without knocking or calling before. She was surprise to see her friend’s collection of dildo laying in the table. Alysa thought that she was home with her man doing their house chores, but she was so wrong. After a few moments her friend came in the room and started touching her body, massaging it. It didn’t take them too long to get each other naked and ready for some lesbian action.

After Alysa and Dominno were completely naked and extremely horny they started trying out all of her toys. So in no time they were taking turns on fucking each other. They start with their pussies and continued with their bubbly asses. I’m telling you what’s better then a lesbian anal scene? Nothing! So don’t miss out this hot video and also check out for more updates with the hottest porn stars in the business. Enjoy it and as promised we’ll see you next week. Bye bye

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Top Wet Girls: Avril Sun & Anissa Kate

As promised we returned with more gaping angels galleries for you guys. This time we have Avril and her good old friend Anissa Kate. These two juicy asses met the other day at the mall and after they finished their shopping, both of them came to Avril’s place. They didn’t have time to talk the last few month because both of them were busy with their jobs and relationships. But that wasn’t a problem, because over a bottle of wine they got each other up to date with all the events and gossips.

But you know how wine makes Anissa horny so they continued their day doing something much more interesting. They went in the living room and started making out passionately and undressing each other. Then they went lower to their pussies and after licking them, they started fingering them as well, but that was only the beginning. Because they started playing with their buttholes and with their gaping holes. So don’t miss this hot gapingangels gallery and see how it all ended with these two hotties. We’ll be back next week with more hot updates so stay tuned!

 Gaping Angels avril and anissa playing with their assholes

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Gaping Angels – Double anal with Naomi C

We are back with more gaping angels videos and pics for you. Naomi complained to her friends that she didn’t got laid for a while now. So they decided to get out to the club the next weekend. Naomi didn’t want to go home alone, so the first thing she did as she entered the club, was to check out all of the guys.  Unfortunately it didn’t took her too long, because they were all older and not her type at all. But after a while she received a bottle of champagne at her table, from two gentlemen that were sitting at the bar.

After she checked them out they didn’t look so bad and for a one night stand they were perfect. So when the party ended they offered to take her home. Naomi was so horny that she couldn’t choose between them, so she asked them both to come in for another drink.  After a few drinks it didn’t take her too long to get them in her bedroom. Before you know it the guys started taking turns on fucking her. So she ended up with  a cock in her mouth while the other one was stuffing her pussy and her butthole. Enjoy this hot gapingangels update and if you are looking for similar galleries check out website and enjoy watching other hot babes getting ass fucked.

Gaping Angels naomi gets her share of anal from two cocks

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GapingAngels with Ferrera Gomez

Ferrera Gomez is here for you guys in this gapingangels gallery. She was all alone for holidays so her friends set her up with a friend of theirs. She meet him at a club she went with her girlfriends. When she first saw him she wasn’t impressed at all, but she agreed to go out with him the next day at a restaurant. She did it for her friend, because she didn’t want to upset her. The next day, Ferrera put on she sexy outfit, white dress, fish net stockings and of course high heels and went to the restaurant too see him one more time.

When they met at the restaurant it was like he was a different person. He was tall and handsome, just like she likes them. In the club he seems kind of geek, but now he is this hot hunk. So after they ate, he offered to take Ferrera home with his car. When he stopped in front of her house she invited him over for a coffee, she just couldn’t let him slip, he was too hot. I didn’t take Ferrera too long to take him in her bedroom and try him out. The moment she saw his cock, she knew that she did the right thing. By the end of the night that cock ended up stuffing all of her holes, especially her butthole. Enjoy it and check out more updates on! If you liked this gaping angels video update and you are looking for similar videos and galleries, come inside blog!

Gaping Angels Ferrera Gomez loves a deep penetration

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Angel Perverse Avril Sun

Perverse Avril Sun is back with more gaping angels pics for all of you. She didn’t have the greatest few days and especially when she found out that her boyfriend was seeing other people for a while now. What’s fair they didn’t settled any rule when they started dating. So technically it wasn’t anyone’s fault after all, but that didn’t pissed her off. When she find out he was hammering her closest friends in her own bed. That’s what really turned her on and made her want revenge.

Gaping Angels Avril Sun loves the feeling of a gaping ass

So she called her ex boyfriend over for a glass of wine and to take a look over her security system. When he got there Avril wasn’t wearing nothing but a smile. So he undressed quickly and went straight to the bedroom with naughty Avril. After she finished sucking his cock, she got her holes stretched to the limits. He begun with her pussy and after he gave her a proper pussy pounding, he stuffed his cock in her butthole as well. So don’t miss out this hot gallery. Enjoy it and don’t forget that you can find similar galleries inside website.

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Gaping Angels: anal enthusiast Kattie Gold

Kattie Gold is here with more gaping angels galleries for you lucky guys. She wanted to surprise her sugar daddy when he returned home from work, so she took care of everything. She put on her sexy black lingerie and waited for him in the bedroom. When he entered and saw all the light closed and candles everywhere he knew that he was going to have a long night ahead. So he opened a bottle of champagne and went upstairs to see her.

When he opened the door, there she was, all sexy and naughty ready for a rough pounding. Her sugar daddy didn’t even got to the bed because she was already on her knees ready for some cock sucking. After she got all covered with nasty jizz, she got her holes stretched to the limits one by one. Starting with her pussy and finishing with her bubbly ass. So don’t miss out this hot gallery and we’ll be back next week with more updates. Enjoy it and come inside website if you are looking for similar videos. Bye!


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Hard Pleasure

Gaping angels are back this time with a lesbian scene. Imagine these five hotties fighting over a dildo, you shouldn’t miss this!  The gals wanted to show that they can do just fine without men. So the next weekend when they all had time the settled a date so they could catch up with each other’s life and their big asses. So they gathered at one of their friends’ place and started fooling around for a bit, in front with anal lover Sandra Romain. She thought to teach these gals a bit more about anal and gaping. So they brought the biggest dildo in the house and stuffed in Sandra’s gaping ass.  So don’t miss out the entire galleries with these naughty babes. See you next time with more scenes until them enjoy it!

Gaping Angels sandra asshole

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GapingAngels: Sylvia Laurent & Ally Style

GapingAngels are back with another insane gallery, this time we have Sylvia and Ally showing us what they can do in the sack and believe me you would be surprised. These two were left alone for their weekend because their men were out of town with business. So they rented a few movies to watch in these days, but between then it slipped a porn movie as well. When they were deciding the movie, Sylvia noticed that they had borrowed porn as well.

The gals laughed for a while about the movie they picked, but also wanted to see what it is about. But after watching for a few minutes they both got horny and ended up shooting their own movie instead. They made themselves comfortable on the couch and started stretching their pussies, from fingering the gals ended up fisting each other’s holes.  That’s what happens when you don’t have a man in the house or at least a decent dildo to play with. So check out the entire gallery to see how it all ended and take a look at the latest gaping angels videos as well. Enjoy it and don’t forget to check out website if you are looking for similar videos.

Gaping Angels sylvia and ally gaping holes

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Gaping Angels: Top Wet Girls

What’s better then a gaping angels scene with Angel Rivas and Brenda B. These two hotties just couldn’t wait to get alone. They had their fair share of gal on gal action but never tried it together and this was a great day for new stuff. They got to take care of their friend’s apartment for the weekend, so they didn’t need to find a place for their bigwetbutts. They went to his expensive place and after taking care of their chores they filled the bath tub and prepared for some relaxation.  But they didn’t make it to the bathroom because they got stuck in the living rooms.

It didn’t take them too long to get completely naked and get all kinds of toys to play with. So before you know it they were making out and massaging each others tits while fingering their pussies. But they got hornier it was time for the big toys. So they started stretching their holes with their big dildo.  First went Angel and Brenda got her share after her stuffed Angel’s holes one by one. So don’t miss this gapingangels scene. Enjoy it!


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