Gaping Angels – Double anal with Naomi C

We are back with more gaping angels videos and pics for you. Naomi complained to her friends that she didn’t got laid for a while now. So they decided to get out to the club the next weekend. Naomi didn’t want to go home alone, so the first thing she did as she entered the club, was to check out all of the guys.  Unfortunately it didn’t took her too long, because they were all older and not her type at all. But after a while she received a bottle of champagne at her table, from two gentlemen that were sitting at the bar.

After she checked them out they didn’t look so bad and for a one night stand they were perfect. So when the party ended they offered to take her home. Naomi was so horny that she couldn’t choose between them, so she asked them both to come in for another drink.  After a few drinks it didn’t take her too long to get them in her bedroom. Before you know it the guys started taking turns on fucking her. So she ended up with  a cock in her mouth while the other one was stuffing her pussy and her butthole. Enjoy this hot gapingangels update and if you are looking for similar galleries check out website and enjoy watching other hot babes getting ass fucked.

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