GapingAngels: Sylvia Laurent & Ally Style

GapingAngels are back with another insane gallery, this time we have Sylvia and Ally showing us what they can do in the sack and believe me you would be surprised. These two were left alone for their weekend because their men were out of town with business. So they rented a few movies to watch in these days, but between then it slipped a porn movie as well. When they were deciding the movie, Sylvia noticed that they had borrowed porn as well.

The gals laughed for a while about the movie they picked, but also wanted to see what it is about. But after watching for a few minutes they both got horny and ended up shooting their own movie instead. They made themselves comfortable on the couch and started stretching their pussies, from fingering the gals ended up fisting each other’s holes.  That’s what happens when you don’t have a man in the house or at least a decent dildo to play with. So check out the entire gallery to see how it all ended and take a look at the latest gaping angels videos as well. Enjoy it and don’t forget to check out website if you are looking for similar videos.

Gaping Angels sylvia and ally gaping holes

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