Donna Bell on Gaping Angels

Donna Bell is our latest guest on gaping angels and she sure did a great job. This is an older gallery from her college years. Although few know it, Donna was an A student and she had a special leaning system and she got A after A. But at one of her exams she got a B+, well that wasn’t enough for her and didn’t want to ruin her general grade. The next day she went to her teacher’s office to try to fix it. After she finished explaining her problem, her teacher had to leave for a class but he told her to wait for him after classes.

This sounded suspicious for Donna but she agreed and after classes when there was no one in the university she waited patiently in his office. He entered the room and stood right in front of her and told her that there was only one way to get a bigger grade. Then he took off his pants and got his cock sucked by gorgeous Donna Bell. It didn’t take them too long to start sucking and fucking all over the place. So don’t miss this gappingangels update! If you’re looking for similar anal sex scenes, check out the blog! See you soon!


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